Little Wars 45: Gesundheit Twerk Felt a Schlong


Yo buddy, we’re still alive. The boys talk about worldbuilding, James LaFond’s Book about barbarism, and Eclipse Phase. (This episode was recorded a full month ago. This was prior to me building a new computer, but expect new episodes soon). Continue reading “Little Wars 45: Gesundheit Twerk Felt a Schlong”

Little Wars Episode 14: Maid Reloaded

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In our triumphant return after the lengthy winter hiatus, Jack Karonet, Superlutheran, and Mongoose Kikimora rediscover one of the greatest games of all time, Maid RPG.  Super proves we wuz maidz, and Jack and Mongoose discover a wargaming article.

All this and more await you, in Little Wars, back from hiatus.

visit the article discussed here


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(p.s. take a shot every time mongoose says “based” or some variation thereof.)

Little Wars Episode 10: Labyrinths and Lutherans




Jack can’t make it but SuperLutheran is finally on.  Also mongoose did in depth editing this time (he cut 45 seconds out of the middle of the episode)!  We talk about ultimate masters a little bit and do a lot of D&D and general RPG talk.

Also: double length episode.

Special thanks to Super Lutheran and the Godcast for this appearance!  Go to Church.


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