Closed Recruiting for Cyberpunk Fantasy RPG

EDIT: I want to thank everyone who joined, we have too many people to fit everyone, hah! Keep your eyes open though, there’ll be an update on socializing opportunities for this awesome community in the near future!

Hello everyone, Jon here. I’m still working on my fantasy WW1 game, but in the meantime I’d like to get back into GMing. I want to run something fun and dumb, a rule of cool, anime physics game. A game without a huge emphasis on logical world building and well-thought out dramatic arcs and all that. I want to run a game for players who want to make the world as much theirs as it is mine.

Toward that end, I’m going to run a game using a hack of my own WW1 game’s mechanics to fit a fantasy cyberpunk setting. The setting itself is something that we’re coming up with collaboratively, based around a dystopian megacity where magic is real, fantasy races and kemonomimis are commonplace, and cybernetic implants are all over the place.

The game will be run on Saturdays at 12 noon central time (1 PM eastern time, 10 AM California time). We’ll be running over Discord using voice and a dice bot and that one drawing sharing site (it doesn’t require an account). So you need a computer and a microphone and an open time slot Saturdays.

I want this game to be a creative expression and fun endeavor. I’m looking for players who do not want to just sit back and have plot and setting and clues force fed to them while shuffling aimlessly through what they perceive my intentions to be. I want players who will make badass characters that I will enjoy seeing pursue their goals in the world and accomplish their objectives in awesome ways. I want players who are eager to contribute their own creative ideas to shape the game in a way we can all enjoy.

Little Wars 45: Gesundheit Twerk Felt a Schlong


Yo buddy, we’re still alive. The boys talk about worldbuilding, James LaFond’s Book about barbarism, and Eclipse Phase. (This episode was recorded a full month ago. This was prior to me building a new computer, but expect new episodes soon). Continue reading “Little Wars 45: Gesundheit Twerk Felt a Schlong”

Rules as Written: How D20 Systems and Their Derivatives Fail

There exists no more rancid a pustule and blemish upon the mechanical mores of our hobby than the modern D20 systems.  In fact it is well within acceptable boundaries to posit that their continued existence and market dominance is an affront to God himself by the defiance of good iterative design principles alone.

Many proponents of D20 systems hide behind assertions that people can like what they like.  This is certainly true, to an extent.  However, a role playing game system exists to facilitate a unique art form, and can and should be critiqued on the merits of its ability to accomplish this. Continue reading “Rules as Written: How D20 Systems and Their Derivatives Fail”

Truth and Reconciliation, Coming to a Table Near You

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Episode 30 of Little Wars discussed various means of ‘safety’ that see usage among certain RPG circles. These methods, trinkets, and baubles certainly entertain in a sort of point and laugh, ‘look at these fragile fools’ sort of way. But this development gives us unique insight into linguistic and conversational control and the future of traditional games as a hobby. Continue reading “Truth and Reconciliation, Coming to a Table Near You”