Little Wars Episode 10: Labyrinths and Lutherans




Jack can’t make it but SuperLutheran is finally on.  Also mongoose did in depth editing this time (he cut 45 seconds out of the middle of the episode)!  We talk about ultimate masters a little bit and do a lot of D&D and general RPG talk.

Also: double length episode.

Special thanks to Super Lutheran and the Godcast for this appearance!  Go to Church.


twitter: @Godcast_Myles

Mongoose: @m_kikimora

Jack: @JackKaronet

4 thoughts on “Little Wars Episode 10: Labyrinths and Lutherans

  1. I tried getting friends to play a 40k RPG once. One of them didn’t like the grim dark “bro” space marines, and wanted to play some effeminate race in Star Wars. Would love to play Dark Heresy for your praise of the rules, or try Rogue Trader for the idea of 40k Star Trek (but with more witch burnings).


    1. We ended up playing a Star Wars RPG that we could all agree on (or at least not active protest to) and the rule book wrongly listed our small corvette as having large slow naval guns. Gunner ended up nat 20ing against pursuing enemy TIE fighters with them twice though, which was hilarious.


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