Little Wars Episode 40: HP Lovecraft’s Madcat


Mongoose reminisces about Battletech stuff.  Then Jon, Jack and Mongoose talk about the recent cancelling of judges guild by disgusting amoral soy creatures. In other soy creature news we cover fate of cthulu and bugman filth profiting off of the racism they claim to despise.

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Little Wars Episode 26: The Almost Lost Episode

LW26 cover.png

In this nearly lost episode of Little Wars Jack and Mongoose talk about war games, miniature painting and the like for some time.  There was audio trouble, but thanks to our great audio guy you’d never guess it.

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Little Wars Episode 11: Neon Yahtzee

LW11 CoverDownload

Mongoose pretends to be Italian and butchers another European language. Jack did show prep on vampires and the 5th edition of everyone’s favorite hot topic simulator, World of Darkness. Kursk, vampires, and more await you this week in the episode we have had the most fun making!

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Little Wars Episode 10: Labyrinths and Lutherans




Jack can’t make it but SuperLutheran is finally on.  Also mongoose did in depth editing this time (he cut 45 seconds out of the middle of the episode)!  We talk about ultimate masters a little bit and do a lot of D&D and general RPG talk.

Also: double length episode.

Special thanks to Super Lutheran and the Godcast for this appearance!  Go to Church.


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