Little Wars 56: Hellhound Simulation (Safety Protocols Off)

Monstergirls at Tanagra. Echidna’s children, their faces wet. Lovecraft on the ocean. Riker and Picard at Terra. The Emperor, his eyes closed.

Jon when the walls fell.

Blank at Poast, his arms wide:

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Little Wars 48: Convection-Spreading

The boys talk about Iron Wind Metals miniatures, Warhammer 40k in vice, a tale of the blume brothers, and how the seventh sea devs recommend you deconstruct religion in your game. (For safety reasons the deconstructing religion podcast and vice article will not be linked. Seek them out at your own peril).

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Little Wars Episode 32: Old Man Josefius Looks for a 3D Printer

old man josefius.png

Mongoose, Jon, and Jack have a fun and freewheeling time talking about Edge of Empire, session 0, and shilling Ryuutama.  Then Jack and Mongoose talk with Myles Poland about how to save money by spending your time 3d printing plastic dudes.

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Little Wars Episode 30: Dueling Consent Flowers: A Soy Wars Story

yoda soy wars

Jack, Jon and Mongoose strap in for a review of edge of empire.  After surviving Mongoose’s yoda impression Mongoose then tortures them with talk of 1984 afghansty VDV miniatures.  They finish it off with deep thoughts about ‘consent’ and ‘safety’ mechanisms in games.

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Little Wars Episode 29: Contrasting Gamer Moments

little wars bit.png

Jack and Mongoose talk about contrast paints while Jon attempts to maintain his sanity.  Jon and Mongoose dab on warhammer 40k.  Mongoose reviews more Flames of War stuff, and Jon talks about the board game pandemic.  All this and more await you, in this week’s Little Wars.

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Little Wars Episode 27: The Quenchiest

LW 27 Cover

Jon, Mongoose, and Jack join up for our best episode yet.  Mongoose and Jack bore Jon to death with a discussion of Team Yankee and air units in war games.  They then revive Jon with discussion of Magic the Gathering card art.  Following a brief discussion of RPG gming techniques, we review MYFAROG, Varg’s own game. Continue reading “Little Wars Episode 27: The Quenchiest”