Step Out, Step Up

The irony of making a commissar a mulattess must be lost on the poor artist.

GW recently decided that free thinking sorts skeptical of the idea that the IRL equivalent of an underhive chem addicted chaos cultist deserves sainthood are not welcome in their overpriced “community” and “hobby.” Well for me this is good riddance, If GW doesn’t want me buying their overpriced overdesigned resin and plastic turds, goodbye. More money for better games!

Of course, not everyone is like me, having divesting myself from the talmudic corner of the hobby a long time ago, so I am going to give you a quick guide on how to dump your marines, and pick up better games on greener flock. Continue reading “Step Out, Step Up”

Work in Progress: VDV

me and the boys

While America has gone through a plague and yet another series of spontaneous ‘protest’ ‘events’ I’ve had a chance to move and work some more on my miniatures. Last summer, IE a year ago I purchased and began to work on the beginnings of a team yankee VDV army, and since the game is nearing its 2nd edition, I’ve decided to dust off (literally in the case of my unfinished T-64s) my Ivans and see what I can do with them.

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Hiatus Ends Soon & News

Hello faithful readers, fans, friends, detractors, and others. I truly appreciate that you take time to look at our stuff on here. Some of you may be wondering where I have been, so I want to get a few things straight.

Firstly, I’m just on a long hiatus because of the quarantine. I had to temporarily move and because of my living situation I could not record the podcast and I had little time to write anything for the blog here. I did manage to write a Review for Mine Were of Trouble on the American Sun, so check that out if you want.

Secondly, I hope to have a little wars episode out by the end of the month. From there forward I want to see how often I can get episodes out. Stay safe and healthy friends.

Little Wars Episode 41: Post Yoda Stress Disorder



This podcast episode is dedicated to the brave shitposters and bad bit enjoyers of the Oranje Freistaat.

Jon, Mongoose, and Jack ramble their way a variety of topics including discovering that Jon can’t operate Java based clients, pirated bits for product reviews, what the people mad in Bob Bledshaw have in common, Lanchester’s Square Law and the ubiquitous yoda bit.

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The Kikimora as a Manifestation of Implicit Prussian Socialism, a Discussion

do it for her

Whilst the usage of the Monstergirl Encyclopedia (MGE) as a central text used for the interpretation of individual sorts of monstergirls remains a contentious topic of debate, its position as setting the central asthetics of many monstergirl types is objectively indisputable. Therefore, many of its priors have become standard fare in the collective unconscious of monstergirlists, and for my purposes here I shall utilize many of them concerning our subject, the kikimora.

The kikimora as form represents a wife who in service to her husband, by her lunar nature, seeks to elevate and sharpen his solar nature. Therefore the kikimora’s existence can only be understood through her relationship to her husband. This relation to her husband mirrors that of the individual to the state within an understanding of Prussian Socialism loosely approximate to Oswald Spengler’s understanding thereof. Continue reading “The Kikimora as a Manifestation of Implicit Prussian Socialism, a Discussion”