Little Wars 67: Barrel of Rope Monkeys

The Little Wars Lads are back, and Mongoose shows off what he’s been working on this whole time with his new impression! Also we talk about our meet-up and playing wargames, Mongoose’s new collaborative mech worldbuilding project, WotC’s blunders with the OGL and something about Magic the Gathering. And nostalgia. Also a little bit of accidental shitlib racism, which was impromptu but hilarious.

And then Jon goes into why combat is good actually in roleplaying games!

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Little Wars 64: Jon tries a wargame

The lads have Myles Poland back to chat about One Page Rules and other ways not to give evil companies your money! And then after another schizoretard bit from Shitgrifter, the guys discuss their hang-out and playing wargames in person in Eastern Ukraine!

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Little Wars 63: Cause D’Ecélèbre

The boys drop back in after a couple months out to talk about professional D&D podcasters and whey they make terrible media for idiotic consoomers.

Also Jack’s game updates and brief asides about Call of Cthulhu NFTs and black female beardless dwarves while desperately trying not to lose Mongoose’s attention to 2D appreciations of the feminine form.

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Little Wars 62: Traditional Gaming Aryanarchostrocracy

Merry Christmas!

On this episode admittedly recorded a while ago, the boys go into what traditional games even are. We give an overview on what makes the various forms of this hobby enjoyable, delving into wargames, roleplaying games, and a smidge of card and board games.

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Little Wars 61: Hypersneedulation, Formerly Chuckality

Join the boys as they cover a variety of topics, some new and some previously discussed! 

We talk about getting Jack’s game going again in Savage Worlds, Mongoose has a based dice review, Jack has a teensy addendum about a previously recommended book, and Jon introduces the gang to new gayme, and much more!

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Little Wars 60: Can Kikimora Beat Shoggoth in a Fight?

The boys get together to talk about what really matters when it comes down to whatever hobby you’re enjoying:

Monster girls.

Also Mongoose’s upcoming BMP Battle Buddies game, Jon’s WW1 game and lifepath systems, and a little trip back in time to talk about time travel shenanigans again!

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Little Wars 59: The Show Without Jon

Mongoose and Jack have a bit of a chat about WW2 wargames such as Bolt Action, and how to utilize time travel in roleplaying games without turning gay!

Jon was busy time traveling himself out of the wargames chat, so he didn’t show up today.

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Little Wars 58: Inglorious Busterds

The boys interview first-time Gamemaster and long-time friend of the show Colonel Bustard about his experience running an Only War game!

In their most schizophrenic show to date, the lads bring only the finest yo-yo between sincere and earnest show content and the oddest depths of absurdity, the likes of which you can only find on Little Wars!

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