Little Wars 48: Convection-Spreading

The boys talk about Iron Wind Metals miniatures, Warhammer 40k in vice, a tale of the blume brothers, and how the seventh sea devs recommend you deconstruct religion in your game. (For safety reasons the deconstructing religion podcast and vice article will not be linked. Seek them out at your own peril).

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Mongoose, I thought you where back!

Dear friends, comrades, and brothers,

I will continue to make little wars. I still enjoy the podcast and the wonderful feedback I get from supporters. We have come a lot since I first started uploading uncut shit audio scrap and distributing it on Twitter, and I have no intentions of quitting after having come so far. There are more games to play and talk about, more future pieces of content to create, and future looks at livestreams for special occasions and perhaps even painting tutorial videos.

This all said, I do all of this on a computer, which died, preventing me from making content. I am currently assembling a new computer, but how long this will take I have no idea as I await a motherboard in the mail. Please be patient, and stay safe.

God Bless and take care,

Mongoose Kikimora.

Step Out, Step Up

The irony of making a commissar a mulattess must be lost on the poor artist.

GW recently decided that free thinking sorts skeptical of the idea that the IRL equivalent of an underhive chem addicted chaos cultist deserves sainthood are not welcome in their overpriced “community” and “hobby.” Well for me this is good riddance, If GW doesn’t want me buying their overpriced overdesigned resin and plastic turds, goodbye. More money for better games!

Of course, not everyone is like me, having divesting myself from the talmudic corner of the hobby a long time ago, so I am going to give you a quick guide on how to dump your marines, and pick up better games on greener flock. Continue reading “Step Out, Step Up”