Little Wars 38: The Lightning Cornifesto: Imaginary Society and its Future


This week the boys are joined by Borzoi to talk about role playing games, liberalism, hyperreality, and other Borzoi related topics.

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LittleWars Episode 37: Clan Gravid Falcon

LW 37

Jack, Mongoose, and Jon review battletech, learn about batchalls, discover whether or not puzzles are traditional games, and learn cursed things.

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More than two years of this stuff…

While I am cognizant of the fact that our little podcast here has a small and silent fanbase it amazes me that despite irregular uploads, content droughts, our constant contrarianism, and general autism that we have people that want to listen to our stuff.  About 2 and a half years ago I decided to get on skype with a random dude and upload generally poor quality recordings of dumb crap unedited via a cheap headset of dubious quality.  Now we have a blog, actual audio quality and some marginal mic discipline.  Anyway, thanks for the two years of good times.

Merry Christmas, here’s to hoping we can do more in the future.

Rules as Written: How D20 Systems and Their Derivatives Fail

There exists no more rancid a pustule and blemish upon the mechanical mores of our hobby than the modern D20 systems.  In fact it is well within acceptable boundaries to posit that their continued existence and market dominance is an affront to God himself by the defiance of good iterative design principles alone.

Many proponents of D20 systems hide behind assertions that people can like what they like.  This is certainly true, to an extent.  However, a role playing game system exists to facilitate a unique art form, and can and should be critiqued on the merits of its ability to accomplish this. Continue reading “Rules as Written: How D20 Systems and Their Derivatives Fail”