Little Wars 39: Corona and Lyme Disease


Jon, Jack, and Mongoose talk more about battletech, RPGs, lasers, the apocalypse, and lyme disease.

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3 thoughts on “Little Wars 39: Corona and Lyme Disease

  1. Fallout also had the Enclave, they were essentially the remnants of the US government and retained most of the “old world” technology. I’d say the worst part about Fallout is how they usually keep portraying the wasteland as the same obliterated desert full of monsters even when it’s what, 300 years since the boogaloo happened.

    Narrative wargame campaigns are really awesome ideas, but it always seems to fizzle out in my experience. The world map and terrain bonuses add a little stuff on top but the games are still just regular 40k or whatever, so it’s harder to keep people coming back as opposed to a actual story-driven RPG campaign. Necromunda has amazing support for this though, with different flavors of campaigns and suggests having a GM to smooth things out. And much like Mongoose’s Battletech idea, it’s based on smaller groups of units that you can more easily personalize, so it’s probably easier to keep up the interest for most people as opposed to having a regular 40k-size army.

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