Mongoose, I thought you where back!

Dear friends, comrades, and brothers,

I will continue to make little wars. I still enjoy the podcast and the wonderful feedback I get from supporters. We have come a lot since I first started uploading uncut shit audio scrap and distributing it on Twitter, and I have no intentions of quitting after having come so far. There are more games to play and talk about, more future pieces of content to create, and future looks at livestreams for special occasions and perhaps even painting tutorial videos.

This all said, I do all of this on a computer, which died, preventing me from making content. I am currently assembling a new computer, but how long this will take I have no idea as I await a motherboard in the mail. Please be patient, and stay safe.

God Bless and take care,

Mongoose Kikimora.

Hiatus Ends Soon & News

Hello faithful readers, fans, friends, detractors, and others. I truly appreciate that you take time to look at our stuff on here. Some of you may be wondering where I have been, so I want to get a few things straight.

Firstly, I’m just on a long hiatus because of the quarantine. I had to temporarily move and because of my living situation I could not record the podcast and I had little time to write anything for the blog here. I did manage to write a Review for Mine Were of Trouble on the American Sun, so check that out if you want.

Secondly, I hope to have a little wars episode out by the end of the month. From there forward I want to see how often I can get episodes out. Stay safe and healthy friends.

The Kikimora as a Manifestation of Implicit Prussian Socialism, a Discussion

do it for her

Whilst the usage of the Monstergirl Encyclopedia (MGE) as a central text used for the interpretation of individual sorts of monstergirls remains a contentious topic of debate, its position as setting the central asthetics of many monstergirl types is objectively indisputable. Therefore, many of its priors have become standard fare in the collective unconscious of monstergirlists, and for my purposes here I shall utilize many of them concerning our subject, the kikimora.

The kikimora as form represents a wife who in service to her husband, by her lunar nature, seeks to elevate and sharpen his solar nature. Therefore the kikimora’s existence can only be understood through her relationship to her husband. This relation to her husband mirrors that of the individual to the state within an understanding of Prussian Socialism loosely approximate to Oswald Spengler’s understanding thereof. Continue reading “The Kikimora as a Manifestation of Implicit Prussian Socialism, a Discussion”

More than two years of this stuff…

While I am cognizant of the fact that our little podcast here has a small and silent fanbase it amazes me that despite irregular uploads, content droughts, our constant contrarianism, and general autism that we have people that want to listen to our stuff.  About 2 and a half years ago I decided to get on skype with a random dude and upload generally poor quality recordings of dumb crap unedited via a cheap headset of dubious quality.  Now we have a blog, actual audio quality and some marginal mic discipline.  Anyway, thanks for the two years of good times.

Merry Christmas, here’s to hoping we can do more in the future.

Rules as Written: How D20 Systems and Their Derivatives Fail

There exists no more rancid a pustule and blemish upon the mechanical mores of our hobby than the modern D20 systems.  In fact it is well within acceptable boundaries to posit that their continued existence and market dominance is an affront to God himself by the defiance of good iterative design principles alone.

Many proponents of D20 systems hide behind assertions that people can like what they like.  This is certainly true, to an extent.  However, a role playing game system exists to facilitate a unique art form, and can and should be critiqued on the merits of its ability to accomplish this. Continue reading “Rules as Written: How D20 Systems and Their Derivatives Fail”

Aryan (or Evolian) Monstergirl Futurism: A Brief Introduction to Esoteric Waifuism

(Author’s note: it’s entirely up to you what you read into this).

The difficulties of our age, the Age of Iron (Age of Kali, or other, as it were) have presented themselves, and we ourselves have been found wanting. Henceforth, it is understood universally that a systemization of our understanding of what must be done from today onward is necessary to end our present malaise. Thusly, the ideology of Aryan Monstergirl Futurism shall be codified, and emanate forth from my writings here.
Continue reading “Aryan (or Evolian) Monstergirl Futurism: A Brief Introduction to Esoteric Waifuism”

Little Wars Christmas Open Letter

Merry Christmas,

Due to personal situations and other things, I will not be producing little wars until January. However, I did do a YouTube video on Pearl Harbor with some friends of mine here, if you absolutely need to hear me talk about stuff on air in the meantime. In the future I will also be appearing on with a buddy of mine, flamenco, so look out here, so keep an eye out for it.

There is also a secret project in the works, so I hope to come back next year with better and cooler stuff for you all.

Hobby wise, I know Jack anticipates playing games over December, and I am anticipating using my time to paint and work on additions to my 15mm Germans. I would like to have a post up of a gallery of miniatures, so if you would like to send us a picture, DM or @ me or Jack on twitter (@m_kikimora/@jackkaronet). I hope to be active on Twitter, so as always, please reach out we like to hear from you.

The ~10 of you who actually listen to our program have our gratitude and appreciation. I never figured I would ever make something people would actually anticipate, so at least for me, this entire thing has been very gratifying.


Take care, stay well, Merry Christmas, and God Bless,

On behalf of Little Wars and sincerely yours,

Mongoose Kikimora


P.S. Happy gaming and painting