Little Wars Episode 32: Old Man Josefius Looks for a 3D Printer

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Mongoose, Jon, and Jack have a fun and freewheeling time talking about Edge of Empire, session 0, and shilling Ryuutama.  Then Jack and Mongoose talk with Myles Poland about how to save money by spending your time 3d printing plastic dudes.

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Little Wars Episode 11: Neon Yahtzee

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Mongoose pretends to be Italian and butchers another European language. Jack did show prep on vampires and the 5th edition of everyone’s favorite hot topic simulator, World of Darkness. Kursk, vampires, and more await you this week in the episode we have had the most fun making!

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Little Wars Episode 3: General Strategy

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In this episode, Jack and Mongoose get big brained.  First they complain more about Wizards of the Coast, then the attempt to build a system neutral theory to wargame listbuilding, including all the high points on what you should bring.  Finally they round it out with some high quality shitposting about board terrain.