Work in Progress: VDV

me and the boys

While America has gone through a plague and yet another series of spontaneous ‘protest’ ‘events’ I’ve had a chance to move and work some more on my miniatures. Last summer, IE a year ago I purchased and began to work on the beginnings of a team yankee VDV army, and since the game is nearing its 2nd edition, I’ve decided to dust off (literally in the case of my unfinished T-64s) my Ivans and see what I can do with them.

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Little Wars Episode 30: Dueling Consent Flowers: A Soy Wars Story

yoda soy wars

Jack, Jon and Mongoose strap in for a review of edge of empire.  After surviving Mongoose’s yoda impression Mongoose then tortures them with talk of 1984 afghansty VDV miniatures.  They finish it off with deep thoughts about ‘consent’ and ‘safety’ mechanisms in games.

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Little Wars Episode 27: The Quenchiest

LW 27 Cover

Jon, Mongoose, and Jack join up for our best episode yet.  Mongoose and Jack bore Jon to death with a discussion of Team Yankee and air units in war games.  They then revive Jon with discussion of Magic the Gathering card art.  Following a brief discussion of RPG gming techniques, we review MYFAROG, Varg’s own game. Continue reading “Little Wars Episode 27: The Quenchiest”