Aryan (or Evolian) Monstergirl Futurism: An Elaboration

(It is up to the reader how seriously to read this. This post is dedicated to the brave waifuists of and the Little Wars Guilded server.)

Previously we detailed the Monstergirlist position regarding the theoritical ideal of feminine founded within MGE/Evolian metaphysics. However, we lacked the space to truly expound upon the epistemic reasons as to why monstergirls truly are placed nearest to the form ideal of the feminine. Astute readers and scholars will note that the epistemics we presented leaned heavily into Evolian justifications, but were that the entirity of the reasoning provided our theories would never pass the high degree of intellectual muster expected in these circles.

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Aryan (or Evolian) Monstergirl Futurism: A Brief Introduction to Esoteric Waifuism

(Author’s note: it’s entirely up to you what you read into this).

The difficulties of our age, the Age of Iron (Age of Kali, or other, as it were) have presented themselves, and we ourselves have been found wanting. Henceforth, it is understood universally that a systemization of our understanding of what must be done from today onward is necessary to end our present malaise. Thusly, the ideology of Aryan Monstergirl Futurism shall be codified, and emanate forth from my writings here.
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