Little Wars 56: Hellhound Simulation (Safety Protocols Off)

Monstergirls at Tanagra. Echidna’s children, their faces wet. Lovecraft on the ocean. Riker and Picard at Terra. The Emperor, his eyes closed.

Jon when the walls fell.

Blank at Poast, his arms wide:

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11 thoughts on “Little Wars 56: Hellhound Simulation (Safety Protocols Off)

  1. Couple lovecraft points.
    Jon is confusing and mixing the stories “He” wherein the character wanders through Jew York City and finds an old man who has a magic window which can view the future and past ultimately seeing a mongrelized New York full of slant-eyed darkies and “Haunter of the Dark” wherein the character looks out the window and sees a deserted Church which was once home to a cult, enters it, finds an occult library, and disturbs a monster which eventually hunts him down and kills him.

    Lovecraft merely thought the celts were intellectually inferior to the anglos, he thought both the Irish and Italians were artistically superior due to their passions and history of achievement in painting. He actually never shits on the Irish in the stories though he doesn’t like being 1/16 Irish on his grandmother’s side.

    His hatred of blacks is the foolishly genteel Southern style wherein blacks kept in their place are OK, see “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward”.

    He married a jew who then took him to New York, which caused him to write “He” “Horror at Red Hook” and “The Street”, the former two are anti-black and the latter is anti-jew. And after realizing that his “splenidly assimilated” 1/2 jew by blood wife was knee deep with jew commies and everything he hated in New York he ran away back to Providence and refused to speak with her, even to get a divorce.

    In his letters, which we have more preserved than any other man in history, he becomes less hostile to Irish and Italians after dealing with them and more adverse to Jews and blacks. Eventually he outright calls for all jews to be expelled from the US.

    When you say “anglo” or “wasp” what you really should say is “roundhead”. They kicked the cavaliers out of England after the civil war and much of the “scotts/irish” are really cavaliers who somewhat intermarried with scotts and irish before emigrating. Or in the case Western PA, the most racist part of the America as I proudly proclaim, the pure cavaliers intermarried with landsknechts exiled after the 30 Years War. It was also the Roundhead leader Cromwell who let the Jews back into England and let them start the Bank of England, and he won the war with money he got from the Rothchilds in France. Later the most libtarded roundheads, the Puritans, were kicked out to New England which spread the jew-loving liberal disease to this continent. And Lovecraft is descended from puritans. ​

    I’d say that his arrogance as a lapsed-aristocrat blinded him to the danger of the jews until it was shoved right in his face. Which is generally how landed who aren’t habitual warriors have acted throughout history. Only those who live by stabbing others with pointing sticks naturally hate jews without needing to learn what they are.

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    1. Thanks for the comment man but you can’t be saying the words of power in comments section. You’re going to get us kicked off of here.

      I edited your comment to remove the forbidden runes but please refrain from putting us at risk like that in the future.

      As for Lovecraft, I intentionally combined two stories but they both sucked.


  2. I appreciate that Mongoose got the more important takeaway from Political Theology. Defining the sovereign is important, yes, but far more important than that is *identifying* him. This is, in a nutshell, why Schmitt abhorred liberalism; all it can do is obfuscate sovereignty and stall decision-making in favor of endless “discussions,” even, in some cases, during times of crisis. This is one of the big reasons why, in Schmitt’s view, a dictatorship will always be preferable to a liberal democracy.

    The whole take about how libtards are just globohomo-imperialists was spot on, too. Excellent takes on this episode of the traditional games podcast, loved it to bits.

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    1. I started listening to your first episode and I agree about limiting those brain-melting conveniences quite a bit. As such, I want to manually download podcast episodes and not use an RSS feed. But I can’t seem to find a way to download your episodes off of your website. Do you have a direct download option?

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  3. Pretty sure Lovecraft, if he lived today, would’ve preferred the escapism of Monstergirls to the much more horrible reality that exists IRL. At least Monstergirls tend to manifest some virtues, at least.
    Also, don’t forget the story about the sub where he lampoons Germans as cruel, pigheaded materialists. Now, I really appreciated the fatalistic determination the captain shows in that one, but Lovecraft was obviously not trying to put it that way. He essentially swallowed the anti-German propaganda of the day hook, line and sinker. He was a weird sperg, and though I’m sure he would’ve become “ourguy” given the right contexts and information, he wasn’t perfect.

    It’s really funny though. The whole idea of National Socialism is to elevate one’s own people, and encourage others to do the same in their own lands. Meanwhile, the Liberal cannot “tolerate intolerance” and will gladly burn thousands of women and children to force other people into accepting Mcdonalds, Jewish cultural hegemony and child abuse.

    And to simp for 40k a bit, the whole point about mysticism and rituals standing in for science isn’t really accurate. The Admech do actually do proper science, at least within the higher echelons, but the (perhaps excessive) fear of blundering into dangerous territory like daemontech and AI severely limits it, and reduce the lower ranking techpriests to simply reciting rituals for repair and shit. Essentially, the whole technological base of the Imperium is a shit-sandwich based on remains from the Horus Heresy and the previous golden age. In between the cheese and meat, you’ve got remnants of insane AIs and daemontech from the HH era, so a small blunder when digging through it could fuck shit up a lot.
    And hey, at least the Emperor wasn’t a Jew :>

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    1. No I actually don’t agree with that assessment. I think that – were Lovecraft alive today – he would be a hopelessly purity spiraling isolationist sperg who busied himself writing stories and maintaining a love-hate relationship with some other such spergy figure like Vox Day. Or more like Mencius Moldbug, since Vox Day’s “Tri-racial” bullshit would disgust and horrify him.

      Definitely no monster girls, though.

      And yeah, I definitely can’t fathom the “It horrifies them that someone out there is not living the same lifestyle that they are” thing. As for 40k, I don’t see it. I played Space Marine and Mechanicus and there’s no element of figuring things out- or if there is, it’s evil. The Inquisitor in the first game is trying to figure out a new power source that might revolutionize things, except it turns out that he’s a daemon who has replaced the actual Inquisitor. And in Mechanicus it’s all about just finding old stuff, recovering STCs, while cross-referencing a billion protocols because tradition is dumb and insanely bound by the past.

      White people build things. We innovate, we discover, we explore. We find solutions to problems that fit our people, while listening to the wisdom of our elders and the commands of God.

      We don’t sit in squalor and filth and misery while inflicting suffering because “that’s the way it’s always been” while toiling away in vain and stagnation under the watchful eye of a rotted, hubris-filled Marvel hero. We are not George Floydians.

      And I completely and wholeheartedly reject the Anglos and their useful idiots who attempt to link the passions of our souls to the disgusting nature of the latter.


    2. It’s not in those games, that’s right. But there are a lot of sources mentioning new inventions. The HH red books from 30k mention a lot of stuff like the Sollex pattern lascannons and Photon thrusters, as well as all the marks of space marine armour, but in 40k it’s mostly slowed down to things like the Macharius tanks and simple weapon swaps taking years of red tape before being officially sanctioned. The situation is further complicated with the esoteric nature of the Mechanicum, where many higher ranking Magi hoard discoveries for themselves, and what gets approved for mass production and which Forgeworld gets the license often stem from internal power squabbles and intrigue between the various cults and factions.
      And then you have the new (and more shitty) lore post 7th edition where that Cawl guy just waves forth Primaris marines, hovertanks and all kinds of new and improved weapons.

      Either way, my point is just that science and progress is not really presented as inherently bad. It’s just that the dangers involved makes it very risky, and the Imperium and Mechanicum, having been burned by the fire one time too many, has long since crossed the line between caution and paranoia. This is also contrasted in setting with the Tau, who are doing fantastically well due to their rapidly advancing tech (And ridiculous amounts of plot armour), but always with the implication that their naive dabbling with AI is slowly edging them closer to the fate that once befell the humans.

      Really, if we look past the original authors’ shitlib standpoints, 40k is more of a satire of extremes of all flavours. Just as the Imperium is the exaggerated “Catholic space nazi regime”, the Tau is a “tolerant” and “egaliterian” caste-regime that is both hopelessly naive and insidiously genocidal depending on the situation. There’s disgusting tranny daemons, and I guess Orks are anarchist, cockney, Floydian fungi?
      There are definitely things worthy of critique in here, but as long as it’s a grimderp satire that shows the shitty sides of everything I don’t see any reason to really be strongly for or against it.


    3. The thing that we were responding to and denouncing was a movement of people attempting to claim that 40K represents our values. All of the discussion about why it does not represent our values is because we were responding to people who said it did.


  4. Actually demons/evil spirits leading people to delusion and other negative actions are mentioned a good amount in even Theravada sutras, it’s not just a Christian thing. However, aping tradcath larpers remains cringe.


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