Little Wars 55: Dee & Deep Dive

The boys finally decide to quit stalling and talk about D&D 5E! Join Mongoose, Jack, and Jon as we do an in-depth review of all the things we hate about Dildos & Dogshit.

Also, Jon got a bit tipsy recording this one so expect a bit of angry slurring.

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13 thoughts on “Little Wars 55: Dee & Deep Dive

  1. Still trying to refine my D20 remake I mentioned here months ago because I’ve been busy finding oil and drilling wells while the ground is frozen so maybe in the next few weeks I’ll try to send that you buy email. Most of my time has been spent creating four parallel systems derived from the same base mechanics. This is primarily so that people can use the already available resources such as the Pathfinder Bestiary since the stat blocks can be applied with minimal if any alteration to my new “Armor as Damage Reduction” combat system.

    The three sub-systems and settings are: Renaissance/Colonial Age Cosmic Horror, Planetary Romance Sword and Sorcery(Originally a GURPS derived system of my own design but now using a True Sorcery spellcasting system), a Bronze Age Dreamlands system, and Just modified DnD for those sticks in the mud who prefer it.

    As usual the mortal enemy of getting shit done is ever-expanding ambitions, hence the delays.

    In the mean time as an elder Oldfag I’ll bring up some ancillary points that touch on the the history of DnD developing into what it is now.

    Was the “satanic panic” in fact a genuine response to instances of Jews and Libshits rapin’ kids as detailed in that addendum to the Finder’s Report wherein the cops found tunnels under a preschool leading to a shed full of half-assed satanic and do it yourself MKultra literature? I mean did televangelists and boomers simply flail about attacking everything they saw rather than the actual problem as they are want to do; while the libshit media portrayed it all as totally fake and young nerds got mad that their “square” parents who “didn’t get it man”. Thus the table top scene got fucked from both sides and the actual wide use of kiddie fucking for political ends in our society got buried for decades. Probably coincidence but it worked out so well to fuck up a game which was ostensibly about religious fanatics(Paladins and CoDzillas) smiting demons and evildoers, and instead make it about homos and snowflake characters in a setting which was just the modern world without gasoline or firearms. I doth hath suspicions the Hebrew are at fault.

    I’ll also send you the pdfs of the Way of the Wicked, probably the only Adventure Path ever created that is actually decent if only because it has decent basic advice for novice DMs baked into all the text. Essentially it is a better DM guide for a beginner than anything else ever written because it provides a real campaign outline as a thought experiment on DM/player interaction. I’ve given it to several newfags and told them not to necessarily run it but rather to read through the campaign setting details and DM advice sections to gain insight into creating their own campaigns. Unfortunately the author McBride is a jewy individual who jumped ship from his subsequent Sandbox Underdark campaign project in 2014 and was never heard from again.


  2. Petersen made a Cthulhu Mythos game in the 80s! Call of Cthulhu from Chaosium, it’s my favorite system (the setting helps, of course)! It is 1d100 for most things, but you guys might like 7th edition: they added degrees of success, did away with a resistance table that was a perennial speedbump even for guys like me who liked the idea, and did other neat quality of life modernizations without going off the rails.

    I have 8 different 6e books so I am sticking with those, but I’ll be adding the 7th edition stuff I like in my next campaign – which at the rate I’m going, starts next Feb 30th.

    But yeah, even their Keeper’s Companions (GM guides) are great. The core book has everything you need – player reference, dm advice, a bestiary, and a few intro one-shots. The GM guide, splatbooks, etc are all there just for people like me who need help taking things to the next level, or adapt the game to different time periods like Ancient Rome, the 1950s, medieval times, etc

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    1. Jack actually just picked up the 7E CoC book, so hopefully he’ll be able to give a review of it soon!

      I have to admit that I don’t have any interest whatsoever in playing Call of Cthulhu. The Conan 2d20 game is infinitely more interesting to me, as I prefer Robert E Howard’s call to heroism way more than HP Lovecraft’s wallowing in terror.

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    2. I look forward to his review! I hear you on Conan – to each their own. I had ought read Howard though.


  3. Would you believe me if I told you I’ve never once played a single campaign of D&D? In fact, the only 1D20 systems I’ve ever played were video games. After this episode, I don’t think I’ll ever try actual D&D, lol.

    For the most part, my home group has just run campaigns in Fate, but we picked up a copy of Ryuutama thanks to this show. We haven’t played it yet, though. What are your opinions on Fate as a core system?

    Happy Easter, y’all.

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    1. Wow, that is incredibly rare! Here’s hoping your story becomes more common in the future.

      I quite like Fate for what it is: a dramatic resolution mechanic. It does very well for that and not great for other things people try to force it to handle, like combat heavy games. I don’t think it does great at dealing with long-term games with a bunch of character growth because the treadmill starts to get more apparent.

      But honestly if Fate was the go-to idea of what a roleplaying game was instead of D&D? The hobby would be tremendously improved for it.

      And happy Easter!


  4. Hey guys love the show dumb question why are you guys not on Exodus/Americanus. I hope there’s no bad blood it just where I listened to your show.

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    1. No bad blood, we’re just striking off on our own due to recent events. I’m a construction worker with nothing to lose if I get doxxed, but the same can’t be said for others.


    1. I checked his wikipedia and there’s no “Controversy” section about his “anti-semitism” or “racism” so yes, he’s utterly irrelevant and his creations can be chucked in the garbage where they belong.


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