Little Wars 54: William Luther Snowpiercer

The boys decided to make a short episode, which ended up being just shy of 4 hours. Highlights include bitching about ruby and combat wheelchairs. 

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9 thoughts on “Little Wars 54: William Luther Snowpiercer

  1. WELL ACKSHUALLY, Jon Righthandman (*if* that is your real name), basketball was invented by DR. JAMES NAISMITH, a PROFESSOR from the University of Kansas and NOT a “school teacher from New England.” Okay, praise Jesus.

    Source: everyone I know who went to KU never shuts up about basketball

    I’m only halfway through listening to this podcast at work, and the terrible French accents have already cured my depression. Thanks, my dudes. I’m excited for next product.

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    1. Huh, I was told and showed a story that said it was a New England lady-teacher who invented it to keep the inner city youfs busy. Guess that was complete wrong. What an odd thing to make up and lie about…


    2. WELL ACKSHUALLY, firebrandjay, IF that is your real name, basketball was first devised IN NEW ENGLAND by James Naismith in 1891 SHORTLY BEFORE he moved out west and ended up at the University of Kansas in 1898, so you’re technically wrong! Okay, praise Jesus.

      (Interestingly enough, though, the original rules of basketball are on display at KU and not in New England, and the University of Kansas seems to take full credit for the invention of basketball as its inventor spent the rest of his career and life in Lawrence, Kansas.)

      But yeah, groidmen still can’t claim b-ball. It’s a white man’s sport, they’re just playing it.


  2. We’ve tried to have a endless seafood buffet 109 times. I pray to all the old gods that the next time will be the time we succeed. Wit those Plaguecrawlers, we could bulldoze down Tel Aviv and set up a massive buffet there, and celebrate together with our Palestinian friends.

    Combat wheelchairs sounds awesome though. Here’s an idea: A deckbuilding cardgame where you play the role as a special ed teacher in charge of your very own cripple. Pile up different disabilities and upgrade the wheelchair with various functions and attachments, and clash with other players to find out whose cripple is the strongest! My downs-ridden amputee little Timmy in his spiked, jet-powered hoverchair will reign supreme!

    And wheelchair miniatures? Looks like it’s already happened. That Dwarf barbarian though, holy shit. This is great as a joke, but these people are actually serious aren’t they?

    Also, I see the latest episodes disappeared from the RWES blog, did something happen?

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  3. It’s just good (((economics))) heeb

    Mongoose opens with a tangent

    Minutes into the bit John goes to make a point

    Mongoose: I’m sorry John, but I don’t think we have time, you’re political talking points will have to wait untill after the episode.

    Now watch as I crash this assistive item with no survivors.

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  4. 1) Your French accents are terrible
    2) I 100% stand by my decision to destroy the evil artifact and firmly believe it was appropriate in context.
    3) Thank you for complimenting my outstanding GM skills

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