Aryan (or Evolian) Monstergirl Futurism: An Elaboration

(It is up to the reader how seriously to read this. This post is dedicated to the brave waifuists of and the Little Wars Guilded server.)

Previously we detailed the Monstergirlist position regarding the theoritical ideal of feminine founded within MGE/Evolian metaphysics. However, we lacked the space to truly expound upon the epistemic reasons as to why monstergirls truly are placed nearest to the form ideal of the feminine. Astute readers and scholars will note that the epistemics we presented leaned heavily into Evolian justifications, but were that the entirity of the reasoning provided our theories would never pass the high degree of intellectual muster expected in these circles.

Firstly, when we speak of forms it must be explicated that we specifically refer to the metaphysical concept engineered by Plato in the femenian ages long past. To illuminate the unfamiliar, Plato posited that there existed in some theoritical ‘space’ a perfected or ideal ‘form’ or example of any object or concept. So for anything, chairs, birds, trees, et cetera it emenates logically that there is a perfected form of that thing. So for such a thing as femininity it follows that there exists some ideal version of it. Therefore, if we seek some form of arrival at theoritical balms and salves for the wounds rent open by the decay of the ‘real’ feminine of the post-modern era, we must arrive at a fundamental understanding as to what exactly the feminine is.

This presents no trivial prusuit, especially considering the omnipresent total degeneration from previous imperfect (albeit superior) iterations. We might derive what could be acceptable prioristic assumptions from common philosophical and sociological priors within the milieu wherein these writings are both aimed and are to be disseminated within. Whilst the derivation of these aforementioned prioristic assumptions ex nihilo in theory exists as a vastly more preferable option, the limits and scope of this discussion preclude clogging the verbage with retreading of ground well worn by the feet of many great philosophers, theorists, bloggers, and forum posters. Departing our detour, we can begin to lay the groundwork for the explication of the qualities making the ideal feminine, or rather, the foundation of our specific platonic form of the feminine.

So we now must enumerate those facts of femininity which might point towards a perfect ideal. Per natural obviousness, the feminine and the masculine exist primarily as two separate, distinct, yet complimentary (both on a physical and immaterial level) beings. We also note the tendency of the feminine towards emotion and passions and as such a tendency towards a sort of inconsistency, giving rise to the classical association of it with an aquatic nature and by extension it being lunar (hence Evola’s associations of the feminine with Aphroditic, Poisedic, and lunar elements). Left on its own the feminine as a result will degenerate as it possess no intrinsic rigid nature, opposed to the constant solar and frigid hyperborian nature possessed by the masculine. Evola expounds on the dangers of allowing the feminine unchecked over a society, but that is as previously mentioned, well trodden ground. So keeping in mind the nature of the femine as discussed, we might approach what the feminine’s form might be. This itself is no simple thing as a form is perfect, and our faculties being imperfect we are physically incapable of concieving it properly, merely approaching it.

So our best approximation of the feminine is thusly that it exist distinct to but in support and therefore in symbiosis with the masculine, and that it embodies fluidity, change, and cycles (literally lunar or menstrual, re Evola). This is our closest approximation, and when looking for a series of physical or metaphysical (3d or 2d) representation we find that monstergirls maintain our approach to the ideal form most perfectly in concept, bar none. In most monstergirl depictions the monstergirls either come in varieties numerous enough to perfectly compliment any male or the monstergirls in question are either so devoted or magically enhanced so that they will become the aforementioned perfect compliment. In this monstergirls in all their forms present that which embodies an ideal compliment to the masculine solar, that which supports it, brings out its greater qualities, and provides it with motion and inculcates improvements in it.

Thusly speaking, the dearth betwixt a monstergirl and a physical women exists far greater and far longer than any such gap between the monstergirl and the best approximation we have come to for the platonic feminine. In fact, it can be logically induced that the concept of the monstergirl, and her representation present the closest man has come to experiencing or concieving of the ideal feminine, considering that as forms ‘exist’ beyond, through, and without imperfect reality. So we arrive at the great impass, the difficulty of manifesting the ideal form that is the monstergirl within our fallen reality. Thusly moves forward Aryan Monstergirl Futurism.

8 thoughts on “Aryan (or Evolian) Monstergirl Futurism: An Elaboration

  1. Just play with some real tits attached to a real female, man. This monster girl shit will go in the trash in no time flat.


  2. jon as always remains the most based (and quite possibly redpilled) member of the cast. followed by jack, who is based by not besmirching the name of vtubers, and last of all, sadly is our friend mongoose who became cringe by opposing vtubers, possibly as a way to keep monstergirls unique.

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    1. Don’t say “we” as if there’s some sort of consensus. Your vendetta against vtubers is your own personal cringe crusade. Jack doesn’t even know what they are and I support them.


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