On the Depravity of False Monstergirlist Idolatry

While the monstergirlist position posits an improvement of the craven 3 dimensional modern woman through a hegelian synthesis of the platonic ideal of the monstergirl, there are numerous false pathways and ‘improvements.’ Here we shall attempt to steel our ranks against a so called step forwards, and address some of the arguments its followers make in support of it.

The recent gain in popularity of idolshit v-tubers in the west is most troubling from a monstergirlist perspective. On a surface level the popularization of monster girl type forms (in an appearance sense, not a deep aesthetic or being one) is a positive development, and this should serve to generate greater waifuist demand. This is false. We shall look at several arguments for this development and deconstruct the mislead reasoning behind them.

The easiest argument to make reveals itself as quite simple and pernicious: “I enjoy it and I do not donate money, ergo I am not supporting it financially.” This reveals a fatal error in the analysis of how monetization of content online works. The simple truth is, an audience can be used to generate money, whilst money cannot easily generate an audience to generate money (furthermore, its a lot easier to make money off of money in different ways). When you give metrics to something online, you help it build an audience that it can exploit for money, even if you are not directly giving it money (hence why deplatforming is important for the system). If you share content from something, you support it, etc. While certainly it is your time to spend as you wish, one must wonder if participating in a surrogate emotional relationship with a facerig and a faux persona is worth time. Simply put, it is a form of emotional masturbation, and ought to be excised from one’s life in the same way other masturbatory activities ought to (twitter, pornography, casual sex), for similar reasons.

It is common to hear that these internet personas present a version of the 2d ideal in an of themselves. This is worthy of rebuttal. Firstly, even if every woman and “woman” with a facerig did comport herself in the manner proscribed by uptight japanese idol management firms (flat out wrong, see nyanners/project melody ET AL) she is not the 2d ideal. The conceit of an idol (the illusion of romantic availability) fundamentally precludes a personal relationship, the viewer is one of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions participating in a surrogate emotional relationship where they are led along by a literal act. While more complex analysis of the degeneration of the male female dynamic that idol culture fosters, the lack of even the conceit of pair bonding places idols below even ‘waifu asmr roleplays’ in terms of even approaching a 2d ideal.

Another common argument given in favor of the e-faux 2d girl menace is that these personas provide a positive inspiration to normal people, furthering the goal of the 2d ideal. This is further wrong. If there is anything the preponderance of v-t*bers have inspired persons to do it is to attempt to follow in their path. Anyone familiar with the attempt of numerous females to acquire positions in the VA industry by building up a “portfolio” of asmr roleplays on youtube has certainly seen this cohort turn their eyes towards facerigs in addition to the usual compliment of a binaural microphone and thumbnails with art taken off gelbooru. This argument is further compounded by the fact that in areas with strong idol cultures, women do not take after idols, they instead act in the manner common to women under the system. Why putting a facerig of a monstergirl over the idol makes this any different, we do not know.

While there are no doubt innumerable copes that can be given in support of this phenomena, we hope to have addressed a few of the best arguments. The core of the issue lies in the fact that anyone making money online via an act cannot fundamentally be a role model, nor approach a platonic ideal. We see these “forms” as a sort of demiurgic force, creating a false consciousness or reality, the shadows on the wall of Plato’s cave. These fundamentally misdirect the viewer into a false impression of both monstergirlism, monstergirls, and distorting the ideal we hope the world to strive to.

Give your efforts elsewhere. I suggest battletech.

6 thoughts on “On the Depravity of False Monstergirlist Idolatry

    1. Here we stand in the twilight hours of the 2020 mac rib season, finest sandwich ever made on the flat earth. Assailed on all sides by Fat Reggie’s and Piss Glens. The sort of sad sacks unable to chug even a single 40oz of malt liquor (label out). You hate to see it. Intellectualism is a shithole, because of the intellectuals. Motherfuck yourself straight off the edge of the flat earth.


  1. “While more complex analysis of the degeneration…” does not appear to be a complete sentence.

    This argument might lend itself better to a format like that in the articles of Aquinas’ Summa.

    You’ve convinced me though.


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