Little Wars 52: Post Theatrics Stress Disorder

The boys dissect a game end, with special guest colonel bustard.

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17 thoughts on “Little Wars 52: Post Theatrics Stress Disorder

  1. So is there an actual reason you don’t like Dungeons&Diversity 5e? Ignoring the fact that wotc are fags, as a combat-heavy system (glorified videogame, sure) it’s decent.


    1. “Steven Carl McCasland’s female-fuelled drama Little Wars, streamed online, unites iconic witty literary figureheads Gertrude Stein, Alice B Toklas, Dorothy Parker, Lillian Hellman and Agatha Christie, plus anti-fascist freedom fighter Muriel Gardiner. In a comedy that truly resonates today, these women of all creeds (Jewish, gay, straight…) find themselves round a boozy dinner table in wartime France as the Nazis invade.”

      That certainly resonates today, considering the same biomorphs are still ruining civilization now. I doubt it’s a comedy though.

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  2. TL;DR John plays criminally insane urban youf and abuses his responsibility as a leader and friend so he selfishly gets his friends killed. Tragic but what can we expect from one who hates both Dune and Lovecraft.


    1. As concluded on the show, the only thing Derek did wrong was find himself surrounded by people who lacked the fortitude to do what needed to be done, even when distasteful.

      But as a Dune and Lovecraft fan, you needed me to put it in intentionally under-described Arabic terminology so you could understand. So I do get the cause of the confusion.


    2. Uga buga me chose to fight entire battalion of soldiers. Me blame comrades that I roped in to this when it fails.


    3. I told them not to join in because I was about to die. I blamed them for being ineffective once they joined in anyway. I’m sorry you require stilted pseudo-Victorian purple prose liberally dosed with fake words to comprehend things.


    4. To be clear was it your character or yourself that did not realize that the colonel, and the sniper for that matter, is a representative of a system of power and just winning the single combat with the guy in front of you solves nothing? Because if your character was smart enough to know this he has a responsibility as a leader and a friend to take the L and try to save his guys.


    5. Oh ye of high time preference! The easiest thing to do at the time was to walk away and leave the sniper alive. But the long-term ramifications would have been terrible. The fallout of that decision was a necessary hardship to endure and could have been tackled in winnable scenarios, but that wasn’t the scenario Mongoose had constructed. And like I said, the entire situation would have been avoided had we just killed the witness, which we could not due to courage failure on my companions’ parts.

      If your stance is that you can’t ever fight the state, then you have already lost the second the state opposes you. Which is a wacky position to take given the situation we’re in.


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