Little Wars 51: Flame Elemental Girlpunk

The boys freewheel through game mastering advice, why Mongoose hates steampunk, and plug Jon’s cyberpunk anime game.

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13 thoughts on “Little Wars 51: Flame Elemental Girlpunk

  1. Surprised you guys have never gotten around to addressing the Palladium question. D100 skill system, D20 combat, inscrutable inconsistent and schizophrenic contradictory rules. But with some of the more interesting and charming settings born of a boomer mind consumed by media hyper reality. There is a hard rules as written scenario where a wizard type character can carry around a dozen or more rodent like animals in some sort of bandolier set up. Executing them as he goes to absorb their magic energy and double or triple his short term sorcerous casting requirements. One of the few instances where being a power gaming min maxer is also a valid role playing endevour.

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    1. Though in defence of wfrp d100, its not just straight percentile as a lot of tests are opposed with success levels so some situations can come down to who fucked up less hard.

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    2. Literally every system with opposed rolls does that. And the d100’s methods of doing so is terrible. Comparing who has more/less degrees of success/failure based on counting increments of 10 away from individual target numbers based on personal stats feels clunky and unenjoyable. That is far worse than the d20, Savage Worlds, Shadowrun, and many more systems method of simply comparing roll result against roll result.

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  2. I shouldn’t have to tell Jon, the YouTube algorithm probably did its work, but for the rest of you if you are interested in Howard, Lovecraft or Bloch(who is also a very good author) the Horrorbable channel has excellent readings for all these authors and for Bloch and Lovecraft their collect has damn near everything that exists in the public domain for those of us who don’t want to take rocks to the head for reading.

    Now go and read your Lovecraft.

    Now Mongoose stop lying to the audience about Pathfinder, there are only 5 types of actions standard/move/swift/immediate/free. Its biggest strength or weakness depending if you wanted to put the work in was if you put in the time and effort to learn everything was that nearly any character concept you could come up with could be represented AND probably would end up being fairly effective.

    Also I have listened to every post long nose dog episode and even if your intro had fooled me I know you would not have been able to rigidly stay on topic. In any case great episode guys, it was a pleasant surprise getting it so soon after the last one.

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    1. Yup, been listening to Horrorbabble. Robert E Howard is still a better writer than Lovecraft though. I have a running joke with a friend where I send him the timestamp for the point in every single Lovecraft story where he relies on the pathetic “it was so crazy I can’t even describe it” technique. Maybe that was convincing back in his day, but if so it’s antiquated and out of date literary technology, at best.

      I don’t think Pathfinder is that crazy. It’s just dumb and boring. I grew up on Shadowrun 4E so complexity isn’t a problem for me.

      But yeah, glad you liked it. We’ll be recording again this weekend and oh boy do we have a doozy of an episode coming up!


    2. Pathfinder 1e had its problems but if you thought it was lack of options or complexity you strait up did not have the system mastery to understand the game.

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