Little Wars 50: Baldur’s Gay

The boys talk monstergirls, MTG card bans, Conan D20 and engage in the usual tasteful banter.

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9 thoughts on “Little Wars 50: Baldur’s Gay

  1. I liked the bit about Magic the Gathering. I’ve quit the game years ago, but still follow the news because of how glorious of a train wreck the game’s development is. If you guys ever want somebody on the show who can give you the general gestalt about just how fundamentally fucked Magic has become in these past few years I’m your man.

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  2. You guys talking about the resolutions in Conan made me think about how much I enjoy dark heresy and wfrp d100 systems. Most of the time you’ll be able to look at what your doing and see how fucked you are.

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  3. Ah Robert E Howard, a man whose idea of a vampire story ends with a Texan cowboy killing it by suplexing it through a table.

    Lovecraft was still a better author though.

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