7 thoughts on “New post on the american sun

    1. Why in the world would you worry about such a thing? Warhammer (Fantasy and 40K both) are the cheesiest settings in existence. This sounds like one of those copes people use to justify not doing anything.

      Just make something and be passionate about it. Be earnest and sincere, don’t hide behind a shroud of irony and don’t flee from effort out of fear of failure. Do your best and mean it, and people will be drawn to your works. People recognize and respect the results of passion and hard work.

      Yes, you might mess up. No one who accomplishes anything of worth did so on the first try. Be prepared to take critique and improve, but don’t weaken your values or compromise on your world view just because you received feedback. Stay true to yourself and refine your craft, getting better as you go.

      And stop worrying about “cheesy” or “cringe.” Everything that isn’t popular is called cringe by a proponent of whatever is popular, because they’re defending the product they’ve consumed and assimilated into being part of their identity.


  1. Forgot to add, what do you think about videogames such as World of Tanks. You’ve probably not played them but what are your thoughts on them?

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    1. I used to play warthunder. It was grindy and annoying, and unfortunately, there isn’t a good competitor. Honestly though, as iconic as WW2 tanks are, they are too slow and clunky to realistically be mass marketable to modern video game audiences.


    2. I’ve played World of Tanks and War Thunder. Unfortunately, all these games are ruined from being free to play games with pay-to-win aspects. And yes, pay-to-skip-grind is pay-to-win. I’ve had more fun with WoT than War Thunder, but neither are anything I’d want to get heavily invested in.


  2. Pretty good piece Mongo. You hit the nail on the head when you stated that Warhammer 40k was never our game. As an aside, what do you think about naval wargaming and RC naval combat? Have you any experience with it?

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