Little Wars: Episode 47: Diversity & Drag Troons


The boys talk about consent in games, Diversity in D&D, Adam Koebel’s yeeting off of a platform (rip in cancelled pepperoni), and Jon does a book report.

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11 thoughts on “Little Wars: Episode 47: Diversity & Drag Troons

  1. Hearing you guys talk about the downward slide of DND, particularly the art and diversity, I was wondering if you have had a look at the cubicle7 warhammer RPGs?

    I did a little writeup on the absolute state of it on TRS BANG 3 months ago.

    “The age of sigmar RPG from cubicle 7 released last night and I have since acquired a PDF. Flicking through I wasn’t really surprised to find that cubicle 7 have completed their transition from mostly white people in wfrp4 to almost none in age of sigmar.

    In wfrp4 they are kind of forced to include mostly white people because the empire is basically germany and elves, dwarves and halflings are white anyway. They do managed to squeeze a few browns in here and there and the starter set has no white male humans though it is 50/50 on gender.

    The wrath and glory reissue is the most interesting, not only are their nonwhites crammed into every orifice all positions of power are nonwhite and/or female where as the lower tier (literally with the SCUM keyword) characters are where most of the whites are found. For example the rogue trade is black (lmao) and the inquisitor is an Asian woman. Almost all the space marines without helmets are black as well. The wrath and glory starter includes only one non space marine male (out of 6) who is kind of mystery meat due to being the techpriest. Eldar are still gay and orks are still great. A lot of the art that includes whites is older are repurposed for this rerelease

    Soulbound has from what I have seen almost 0 white male humans as anything but background elements though this was from a quick skim last night, with all the storm cast, gws new posters boys, being entirely female and/or nonwhite when unhelmeted. Dwarves are still white, elves are all fucked up so it doesn’t really matter until the high elves analogue is added in a supplement. There is no soulbound starter but I’m sure it will be gay as hell.

    An overarching theme of all three lines is that chaos (the chief baddies) aligned humans are overwhelmingly white and skew male.

    From what I have read there is no explicit mentions of things like sex orientation, gender and tranny shit other that boilerplate play how you want stuff but I have only really delved into wfrp at this stage.

    Overall its not really surprising but still annoying to deal with. As I recall the older ffg stuff was better for this but that could just be nostalgia.

    Thanks for reading my gay effortpost, excuse my shitty gramma and return to tradition by playing MYFAROG.”

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    1. Hey there. I haven’t looked into the Age of Sigmar RPG but I will now, thanks for the tip.

      I have looked into WFRP 4e, and the warning signs are immediate and apparent to me. The fact that they switched from using the term “race” to the term “species” is an enormous red flag, something we’ve talked about on the show a lot already. It’s a surefire indicator of degeneration, as anyone who “moves away from the problematic term ‘race'” is undoubtedly engaging in cultural subversion or at the very least bowing down to and adopting the values of the tiny hat hooknose tribe.

      That being said, I despise Guild Workshop’s products. I might play the Space Marine video game or Vermintide, but I have no love for their setting whatsoever. I would be happy if everyone who is not a soy-drinking rainbow-haired skinnyfat moron would just move on and abandon that damnable Anglo company’s horrid mockeries of settings.

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    2. Another interesting thing about wfrp 4e is that the team has had several people leave in quick succession, all of whom were white, male and involved in earlier editions, going back to 1e in the 80s.
      I think they system is pretty solid and less of a pain in the ass as the FFG dark heresy series.
      I will disagree and say that the Old world was/is for now a pretty great setting even if it is a big pile of tropes. I’m sure GW rebooting it will fuck all if that up though.

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  2. Missed the chance to name the episode “extended wang energy”.

    Fuhrer Mongoose,
    when are you going to do the replenishing oil episode? Maybe not exactly little wars content but its not we don’t know a guy with 6 million off topic podcasts that come and go. Do the bit!


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