6 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. Pretty sure GW is still worse (of course they are, they are always worse). They used to have a collage floating around on /tg of various mishaps in their pictures. Leman Russ sponson weapons upside down some Necron guns not being properly put together etc. And even FW did that hilarious thing with the iron sights being beneath the gun on some Space woofs’ bolters.

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    1. Pretty sure that they dont have guys on staff that paint as their only function for the company. You should also point out that the book is 88 pages.

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    2. The end all be all is that somebody somewhere is being paid to do this, lol. This is also one of many examples of bad assemblies of heavy weapons. The number of mortars with this issue outnumber those that don’t. Its just banter.


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