Little Wars Episode 44: Milky Paint Substance


Jack and Mongoose talk about liquor, painting miniatures, camouflage, the VDV, and dead podcasts about dead games. All this and more, in Mongoose’s return to the show!

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2 thoughts on “Little Wars Episode 44: Milky Paint Substance

  1. It’s great to see you guys tackling the issue with black bodies not being represented properly on the tabletop. Black paintschemes matter! As long as they can be easily identified from afar, you can make sure your units display appropriate caution and gun down those Black Templars down before they can enter melee and start looting your objectives.

    Also, the old 40k setting has been pretty much abandoned anyway, they’re just pumping out new primarines and fancy new tech with every release now. The whole theme of the Imperium barely hanging on with fervent dogmatism and desperately repairing ancient tech they don’t know how to make anymore is essentially done. And that was pretty much one of the few cool things about the setting.
    At least they still have some cool stuff like Titanicus and Necromunda, but having always been more into the main game(s) for the lore rather than the mediocre rules, I really can’t see the point of continuing 40k. At this point, I just grab the occasional new model if it looks cool and fits the theme of armies I already have.
    Horus Heresy apparently has several healthy communities in England, and someone from GW apparently said that big things were coming for HH as well. Seeing how 40k has changed for the worse, I’m not holding my breath though.

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