Work in Progress: VDV

me and the boys

While America has gone through a plague and yet another series of spontaneous ‘protest’ ‘events’ I’ve had a chance to move and work some more on my miniatures. Last summer, IE a year ago I purchased and began to work on the beginnings of a team yankee VDV army, and since the game is nearing its 2nd edition, I’ve decided to dust off (literally in the case of my unfinished T-64s) my Ivans and see what I can do with them.

I elected to paint my soviets as Afgansty veterans, which of course meant a smattering of camouflage among other slight modifications to the the traditional soviet paint scheme.

Battlefront, in their infinite wisdom and general care, decided to do a quick online article about painting sky Ivans, found here. I pretty much followed the color guide as best I could. I ended up using Vallejo’s khaki, leather brown, and dark German green for the camo colors, which I painted in an over-sized splotch pattern to save time and aide in visibility. If I had a decent camera I would be quite eager to share the results.

However, while I did follow the battlefront painting guide, I made several key changes to both save time, and to give the force a bit of character. Firstly, I elected to paint only roughly 70% of the force with camouflage, giving the general impression of irregular supplies, and battlefield replacements. The next change I made was to paint helmets with the same camouflage pattern, as if they had helmet covers, a common but often omitted feature of front-line troops in Afghanistan. I have no reason to believe forces brought from Afghan would simply leave their camouflaged helmet covers half a world away. 

The final deviation I took was to paint my AK-74s with black polymer furniture, partially to save time, and partially as a minor a-historical note. While the banana magazines used in Afghanistan are iconically a color best known as “AK mag puke orange,” black polymer was both in production and being slowly introduced by the mid 80s. By 1991 every AKM off the line would be completely black. So I decided it best to present a unit armed with the newest and best in soviet small arms technology. Because I’m lazy.

Overall I am quite happy with my company of air assault Ivans, but as I look to expand my force I think I will incorporate methods such as mixing camo pants and coats on individual models and mixing in wood furniture AKs to further introduce visual variation on what has the potential to be quite the striking unit.

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