Little Wars Episode 41: Post Yoda Stress Disorder



This podcast episode is dedicated to the brave shitposters and bad bit enjoyers of the Oranje Freistaat.

Jon, Mongoose, and Jack ramble their way a variety of topics including discovering that Jon can’t operate Java based clients, pirated bits for product reviews, what the people mad in Bob Bledshaw have in common, Lanchester’s Square Law and the ubiquitous yoda bit.

Lanchester’s Laws

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Jack: @jackkaronet
John: hit up mongoose, he’ll put you in touch

6 thoughts on “Little Wars Episode 41: Post Yoda Stress Disorder

  1. Deer Mongoose

    Ur wrong about math. Numbers being a social construct doesn’t matter, its a useful heuristic, statistics is an even more social construct and less accurate than arithmetic. Also why would you wan’t to statistically determine the best list in one of your gay war games? Isn’t that just sucking out all the fun of coming up with a strategy and seeing if it works out?

    The Yoda bits were good. Keep it up.

    Regars Sarel

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  2. The whole “only females are interesting” thing used to be just a genre-limited thing to harem shit, some romcoms and most anything hentai. But there’s been gradually more “cute girls doing cute things” in other genres as well, obviously in order to capitalize on waifuism and being able to sell more merch. I doubt it really has much to do with trannies though. In order to somehow misconstrue these series, that are clearly made in order to get you to drool over perfect waifus and buy figures, into suggestions that you cut your dick off, you’d have to be massively damaged already. Probably doesn’t help, but the main damage must have already been done through parenting, school, mainstream media and so on. So I wouldn’t throw the kawaii anime baby out with the infested tranny bathwater.


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    1. Well yeah, I said that it’s a combination of many things on the show: the demonization of masculine traits, the lack of exercise, the poor diets, the chemical imbalances, as well as a gynocentric society (which includes the media being consoomed).

      I never said that we need to make female characters boring. I just think we need to make male characters interesting again.

      And that is a hilarious pic. Unlimited free seafood dinner for blues, hahahaha!

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  3. Jon (after hours and hours of talking about science pussies): nooooo don’t talk about the connection between the chalice and evola because it’s not related to the show

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