Little Wars Episode 40: HP Lovecraft’s Madcat


Mongoose reminisces about Battletech stuff.  Then Jon, Jack and Mongoose talk about the recent cancelling of judges guild by disgusting amoral soy creatures. In other soy creature news we cover fate of cthulu and bugman filth profiting off of the racism they claim to despise.

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10 thoughts on “Little Wars Episode 40: HP Lovecraft’s Madcat

  1. Luv Yoda impressions. ‘ate producer interjections
    Luv Wignats. ‘ate redaction
    Luv Monster girls. ‘ate shitlibs
    Luv Digressions. ‘ate sticking to a format

    Simple as.

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  2. You guys can talk about meiestas and mon-musume sect posting, (Anglican monstergirl pastoralism is the superior form of Christianity) but really the best bit is, mongoose derailing with beautiful shitposts and the ensuing panic of John as he tries to tardwrangle; in hopes he can have a coherent podcast with just a little less editing. Speaking of editing, your hard work paid off, thankyou John.

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  3. I can just picture Mongoose and a parrot endlessly repeating the name of Lovecraft’s cat at each other. Perpetual vocal machine.
    Being assimilated by your monsterwaifu would pretty gay, but there are ways you could make it work. How about a slimegirl that wraps herself around you to give you improvised armour?
    As for Lovecraft, the only safe assumption is that anything touting Cthulhu or any such terms, beside the original works, is going to be disappointing at best, and is highly likely to also be gay as fuck. It’s kind of fascinating how the subhumans are drawn to it like moths to a flame, and desperately try to find ways to excuse the “problematic” elements therein. Talk to them about it and you can almost hear their fragile minds creaking as they shift gears between subconscious fascination, no doubt stemming from whatever remains of their white souls, and their “newsmedia” programmed revulsion to anything that isn’t thoroughly dildoed. It’s pretty sad, some of them are so far gone it seems the only option would be to treat them to a nice lobster dinner.

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    1. I love it, I love where your head’s at, but I think this could use some more workshopping. Slime girls- especially when stretched as thin as clothing would be- are largely translucent, so that would come across as more of an exhibitionist/nudist/BDSM thing, I fear. Fine at home, only a problem when forced into the public’s consciousness (like Shanna Germain and her BDSM consent bullshit influencing Monte Cook Games).

      I do like the idea of a slime girl inventory management system for the DotR though. Have her sit in the backpack, automatically pipe rounds into your AR15, water into your mouth… possibly even forming a face-mask with air filtration to protect against tear gas? Just spit-balling here. Modern day problems require modern day monster girl solutions!

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    2. Depending on how slimegirl biology works in the future monsthro-state, she might be able to regulate her translucency. And depending on power to weight ratio, you might be able to slip kevlar plates into her as well, not to mention the potential for exoskeleton-like assisted movement. If her bounciness is high enough, you could perform power-jumps and all kinds of agile maneuvers

      Realistically speaking, we should focus on developing different subraces of slimegirls with different combat parameters. With a respectable harem of slimegirls, you’d have the perfect slime-armor for every situation. Combine her with your Harpy waifu to give her more armour and loadout capacity, or with a centaur to make a armoured steed. So many opportunities.

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    3. Even if a slime girl were translucent you could in theory develop a compound for a slime girl to intake and distribute that would change her opacity. Depending on the color of the compound, one might even be able to have their slime girl function as an active camoflage.

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    4. As for Lovecraft … It’s kind of fascinating how the subhumans are drawn to it like moths to a flame,

      It’s a form of release for the ordinary instincts they need to suppress to stay woke. Cthulhu and similar Great Old Ones are obviously evil and fit many working definitions of “demonic,” and would be denounced as such by the Old Testament prophets or the Church Fathers if they had possessed cults in the real world during those times, so by entering a fictional universe where Satan is kinda real but goes by a different name the soykin can kinda sorta taste some of the richer and more ethically deep life experience of someone who believes in objective morality, but without the negative impact on their nerd social circles of going full 40K or the personal emotional pressure of RPing a character in a game world where the Biblical God is 100% real and one’s sexual choices are being implicitly judged. It’s like joining the Unitarians – they don’t really believe in God, but don’t want to kick the habit of going to church on Sundays, so they find a safety scissors version of God at a fake styrofoam house of worship.

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