Little Wars 38: The Lightning Cornifesto: Imaginary Society and its Future


This week the boys are joined by Borzoi to talk about role playing games, liberalism, hyperreality, and other Borzoi related topics.

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Jack: @jackkaronet
John: hit up mongoose, he’ll put you in touch

10 thoughts on “Little Wars 38: The Lightning Cornifesto: Imaginary Society and its Future

  1. My group is all basically shitlibs but thankfully none of them are ideological about it and happily joke about “problematic” content. I suppose shitlib extremism is a bigger problem in the US what with people being more derascinated. Either way, I’ll likely be DMing a campaign soon, so it should be interesting to throw some subtle narratives around and see how they react. I’ll have to use the consent checklist too, that should be fun.

    And, about the Yodaposting, which BT mech do you guys think he’d prefer?

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  2. Thanks, I dont even play traditional games because they are gay and for gay nerds. But this is a funny show. Makes me laugh very much. Very humorous. Keep making product

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  3. Just started listening to the show last episode, I’ll be graced with the image of black mech pilot everytime I listen to the show from now on, though that pic f phosphate would be far more visually pleasing.

    If you guys keep up the battle tech posting I might be memed into playing the game and being needn’t enough to play TG. Looking forward to many more episodes even if I don’t play these tranny games.

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    1. Oh really? The picture is ‘stuck’? I only ever download these episodes on my phone to make sure everything is working and it shows all of the episode art correctly. I’ll have to try downloading it on a different computer than where I edit it. Thanks for the heads up.

      I guess I can just make each episode its own separate album so that it can have its own album art. Hmm…

      Anyway I’m glad you liked the episode! We try to be entertaining enough that even people not in the hobby can have fun listening so I’m glad that’s coming through.

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