Little Wars Episode 29: Contrasting Gamer Moments

little wars bit.png

Jack and Mongoose talk about contrast paints while Jon attempts to maintain his sanity.  Jon and Mongoose dab on warhammer 40k.  Mongoose reviews more Flames of War stuff, and Jon talks about the board game pandemic.  All this and more await you, in this week’s Little Wars.


John (our audio guy): hit up mongoose, he’ll put you in touch

3 thoughts on “Little Wars Episode 29: Contrasting Gamer Moments

  1. Contrast paints are pretty great at skin, bones and demon flesh, but nothing shades over white bases weren’t able to do. I had the chance to try almost all of them and I was surprised by how inconsistent the pigmentation was. Red, Dark Green and Black are really strong and as such work really well, some other are more subdued and rely a lot on the base-coat under them, notably the grey and flesh tones.

    As far as narrative driven skirmish games, Inquisitor is pretty great! The community surrounding it (Inq28 and 28 mag) is what keeps me attached to the 40k universe as much as I am.

    Also, rad podcast lads, sharing your comparison between anime mechs and 40k mechs on my twitter seemed to have struck a nerve with some people more ‘involved’ in 40k. This was a flaming hot take if I’ve ever heard one.

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  2. Celestine doesn’t look so bad, and the WFB witch elves are also passable. Pretty much every other wamen GW sculpt look terrible one way or another and judging by the teasers they’ve posted of the new SoB they’ll all be strong independent black womyn.

    Also, cool it with the anti-maus remarks, experimental tank gang representing! Though it seems retarded for Battlefront to make a plastic one when there’s so much else they could do. Plus Zvezda already has a fine plastic Maus.

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    1. The Dicker Max and and a few others were experimental vehicles that saw service. The Maus never saw service, largely because it was a horrible idea. I don’t want my game to be a fantasy game, and beyond that, a vehicle that can only traverse paved roads has little use anyway! Battlefront wants to upend zvezda and PSC. Competition is good, that’s probably whats driving battlefront back to hard plastic infantry.


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