Las Malvinas Son Argentinas


Margret Thatcher es una vaca.

I dunno if there are any games about Las Islas Falklands or Las Malvinas, but if any of our readers know any of them, please leave a comment or send an email to:

4 thoughts on “Las Malvinas Son Argentinas

  1. I had already learned English because of other media (mostly videogames) when I started playing so I had to ask a couple of friends about the recent history of RPGs in the country and yeah it’s similar to what you said in that episode about people learning English because of RPGs. Mainstream stuff like D&D is translated, but it’s released later in Spanish so people had to at least get a basic grasp of English to understand the rules when changing versions.

    I haven’t heard about any Spanish RPGs, sorry about that.

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    1. Well thanks for the info. I’m always trying to figure that stuff out. I’m a little disappointed that there aren’t any Spanish language RPGs for me to shill, but I guess that’s a market niche that needs filling!


  2. Just heard the latest episode, and I assume this is meant for me. I’m not using a proxy, I’m a bona fide argie. This said, I don’t think that argentina has a better claim than britain to the falkland islands. Love the show, even though I’m more into RPGs than wargames.

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    1. It was meant for the Argie, if you are in fact the Argie than in that case, it was meant for you. Cool to have you.

      I would like to know, a while back I read about TTRPGs in Brazil, where the author was saying that a lot of games were smuggled in there and people learned English to play them. He also said that there were a few Portuguese RPGs that had been written. I would like to know if it is similar in Argentina. I would also be interested to hear about any Spanish language RPGs if there are any/if you’ve played them.


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